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Curb Appeal will help sell your home!

Clean Ups

Curb appeal will help sell your home!  

Selling your Home? You might want to consider having a professional do a general clean-up. This client had a general clean-up that included a garden bed clean up, pruning of all the shrubs and sod installed. Having these things done can and will raise your property values and give you that curb appeal for those potential drive by buyers.


A New Look

Curb appeal will help sell your home!  

These clients were attempting to sell their home, but the state of the backyard (see the before image)was taking away from the value of the property and the over all appeal of the space. We applied landscape ties, new soil and grass seed. We then amended the soil in the garden beds and added plants and shrubs suited to that space.


Low Maintenance

Curb appeal will help sell your home!  

This client wanted a low maintenance, weed free yard to assist in the sale of their home. So by their request we installed shrub beds where the lawn was and covered the beds with a mulch application to reduce weeds and assist in keeping moisture in the soil. We also pruned their shrubs to a more uniformed look.

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