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Powerraking lets your lawn breathe!


Debris after powerraking

Powerraking removes dead tangled grass and moss from your lawn, which creates access to the root zone, where it is most needed. It will also help decrease watering requirements and increase disease resistance. If your lawn has brown patches or is soft and spongy in some areas, chances are your lawn needs to be power raked.

Powerrakes are MOST EFFICIENT in removing dead grass that is deep in your lawn than a regular rake as the blades will cut through the thatch whie bringing the dead grass to the surface which is impossibe to do with a regular rake.

You would be surprised at how much thatch is hiding in your lawn. To give you an idea of just how much debris could be hindering your lawns growth we have posted a picture of a lawn after it has been power raked.

The dead grass is then removed and can be used for composting, or we will dispose of it for you. After powerraking is complete you may wish to go a step further to improve your lawns long term health by Core aerating.

Core aerating is a process that uses a core-aerator machine to removes small plugs of soil from your lawn. Core aerating is great for increasing the activity of soil micro-organisms that assist in decomposing thatch.

Core-aerating decreases soil compaction, allowing moisture penetration to the root system from rain fall or irrigation. Core-aerating also reduces puddling and nasty brown spots due to ground compaction, which blocks water from reaching the roots, where it is most needed in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant greener lawn.

This service is highly recommended for hot and dry areas, where there are enforced water restrictions and/or minimal rainfall.

Call 250-661-2255 for an estimate on Powerraking your lawn.

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