Brincks Landscaping

Pruning Shrubs, Trees, Fruit Trees and Topiary Work



"Stanley" the cedar tree resides on our property. As you can see from the image, our pruning expert takes great care and pays close attention to detail. We also prune ALL other types of trees, shrubs, hedges, topiaries. Do YOU have a hedge or shrub you would like to see tidied up?




Just need a trim? Pruning and trimming of Trees, Hedges and Shrubs is a great way to give your property that clean and finished look.



Flower and shrub beds  

Do you have an unruly hedge encroaching on your walkway or garden space? Let us tame it into a useful space and let in the light!

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Lawnmower Rake Trowel     Power Rake Aerater Wheelbarrow

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