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A simple Reseeding or a Sod Application can greatly improve the look of your yard and increase your property value!


This lawn was re-seeded  

This was a reseed and a curb appeal job for clients who were selling their home. As you can see from the before image, a little soil, seed, landscape ties and plants can do wonders for any project. The after image was taken about 1 month after the soil and seed were applied.The clients house sold very quickly after our makeover and it increased the over all value of the sale price.



This lawn was re-sodded  

Sod installations are the quickest way to give your property and instant healthy glow. It allows you to enjoy your new lawn almost immediately or can quickly cover up any areas that are in need of some T.L.C. for rental or sale purposes. There were also a few easy care shrubs added along the walk way and a tree was planted to commemorate the completion of the home.



This lawn was re-seeded  

This client front yard was in really bad shape. Lack of water and many years of neglect by the former owner led to what you see in the Before Image. With a soil application and some lawn seed and a few other tricks, in just 3 weeks it looked like it does in the After image.

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